Board of Directors & Chairpeople

Elected Officers (Board of Directors)

Position Name / Senator# email: Phone(s):
45th President Gary L. Bulson, #66823  
Vice President Nina Perko-Badeen, #73043  
Vice President Matt Semau, #72678  
Treasurer Bridgette Rilema, #74269  
Secretary Kim Roffe #72252  
Chairman of the Board Kimberly Hubbell, #68728  


Appointed Officers

Position Name / Senator# email: Phone(s):
Chaplain Open  
Newsletter Editor Wendy Taylor, #71712  
Webmaster Michael DiGiamberardino #61965  

Edonna Russell, #69002  



Position Name / Senator# email: Phone(s):
Hospitality Chairman Jeff Titsworth, #75684  
Presidential Advisor Open  
Return the Favor Chair Mary Burden #62527  
First Timers Mike Strebbing, #57381  
Scholarship Chair  
New Senator Orientation  
First Timers Program  
Post Holiday Party Co-chairs      


Upcoming MI JCI Senate Events

Check CALENDAR for more information, flyers, registration forms, etc.

October 14, 2017 -- Boarder Bash Dinner -- Southgate, MI

November 11, 2017 -- Fall Meeting/Social -- Grand Rapids, MI

December 18, 2017 -- West Side Poker -- Grand Rapids, MI

January 13, 2018 -- Post Holiday Party -- Southgate, MI


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