Electronic Filibuster

May 2004


Hello Fellow Senators:

I would like to thank those that took the time out of their busy schedules to support our new board at the gavel passing in Kentwood. After the gavel was passed Lloyd received a gift from his board' then in a clock word motion everyone had a chance to congratulate Lloyd on his fine year as President and wish our board good luck on the upcoming year.

With LAR's Senate number 24718 and mine being 60500; there is about 35,782 numbers between us - maybe, that is why, some people said, "good luck - and you are going to need it".

This board's average senate number is 56186 - it is definitely one of the youngest boards in awhile.

Looking at our roster there are hundreds of numbers between 40,000 and our latest senator that was honored…. What are some idea's that would bring our group closer together - how about a picnic off the I-94 or I-96 corridor this summer (WHAT DO YOU THINK?). Is there someone out there that would like to chair this or bring some new ideas into our organization. After all this is the Great Lakes State - there should be plenty to do besides GOLF….

Maybe as a reminder we need to remember that ˝ of 1% of all Jaycees in the world become Senators; and your Chapter voted YOU in as one these. I feel that at some point in our Senate career we should give back to the Chapter and our Senate some time and support.

Don't forget that when you got that number your SENATE CAREER started - not ended. I feel that the foundation of the bridge for our future has to start with our Senate and that would be from our CORE members who built this organization in 1972 to the high numbers today; with the understanding and exception of those who are still involved with their chapter (under 40).

Every Senator is welcome to help - stop by the hospitality room, attend meetings, go to conventions, get involved in our projects and have input on what goes on in this great group we have here - called the MICHIGAN JCI SENATE.

I am looking forward to meeting a lot of our Senators this year.

Building the Bridge for our Future

BK Klinge #60500, 32nd President
Michigan JCI Senate