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MI JCI SENATE Return the Favor - This award given each trimester @ Michigan Jaycee conventions to a member of the MI JCI Senate (in good standing) for conspicuous endeavors to help The Jaycees to grow in size, service, and stature.  Local chapter presidents or other Senators may submit a candidate for consideration.  

You can submit one of two ways:

Deadlines for candidate submissions are September 26, 2016; January 2, 2017; and June 1, 2017. (dates subject to change)

* Winners will be automatically submitted for US recognition at the following meeting. 

The US JCI Senate has provided copies of their nomination forms, activity logs (helpful, but not required) and samples of submissions.

Doc Huldin Memorial Award (Year-end recognition)

Information on Tom Humphrey Award (doc)

2016-2017 JCI Foundation Scholarship 


Upcoming MI JCI Senate Events

Check CALENDAR for more information, flyers, registration forms, etc.

October 14, 2017 -- Boarder Bash Dinner -- Southgate, MI

November 11, 2017 -- Fall Meeting/Social -- Grand Rapids, MI

December 18, 2017 -- West Side Poker -- Grand Rapids, MI

January 13, 2018 -- Post Holiday Party -- Southgate, MI


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